What's a “Listening Personality” in Spotify

What’s a “Listening Personality” in Spotify

We did a couple of new matters in Wrapped this year, and one of these is a element known as Your Listening Personality. You received one. There are sixteen of them, in total:

It’s no longer a lottery or a horoscope, though. As the four-letter codes at the backside of every one hint, every Listening Personality is honestly a mixture of 4 binary attributes that every strive to measure and describe one factor of how you hear to music, impartial of what track you like. Four combos of two make sixteen special codes.

Here’s what every attribute means:

F/E: Familiarity vs Exploration

This one measures how a great deal of your listening is spent taking part in your preferred artists, vs discovering artists you don’t know. Technically we have a rating known as “affinity” that measures your obvious dedication to every artist you play, and the F/E rating is the sum of the inverses of these affinity scores. So if you solely ever listened to one artist on everlasting repeat, that would produce the most feasible Familiarity score, and if you spent each waking second taking part in tune however in no way performed any single artist extra than once, that would produce the most viable Exploration score.

T/N: Timelessness vs Newness

This one measures how a lot of your listening is spent taking part in new or ancient music. The more modern a new tune is when you play it, the extra it nudges you towards Newness. Every tune you play that isn’t new nudges the different way, towards Timelessness. If you spent each and every week listening to solely that week’s new releases (like, for example, you had been me), that would produce the most viable Newness score. If you studiously manipulate to hear to a lot of tune besides ever taking part in whatever new, that would produce the most viable Timelessness score. Both approaches are fine. The previous is correctly simply as limitless as the future at this point.

L/V: Loyalty vs Variety

This one measures how plenty of your listening is spent taking part in the identical songs or unique ones. If you performed simply one music on repeat all the time, that would produce the most feasible Loyalty score. At least with streaming you can’t put on out the bytes. If you had tune going continuously however in no way performed any tune greater than once, that would produce the most viable Variety score. (If you prefer to strive this, I keep a playlist that routinely updates each and every day with 1,000 songs chosen randomly from the complete Spotify catalog)

C/U: Commonality vs Uniqueness

Sometimes you hear to song in order to be aware of the songs that absolutely everyone else knows, or that your pals know. Sometimes song is how you differentiate your very own identity. This one measures this by using preserving song of how famous every track you play was once on every day you performed it. If you performed every day’s #1 world music on Spotify on repeat all that day, each and every day, that would produce the most viable Commonality score, and you would actually be organized to discuss to strangers about Harry Styles and Taylor Swift. If you performed nothing however artists no one else had listened to yet, that would produce the most viable Uniqueness score, and you would actually be organized to annoy Harry Styles and Taylor Swift followers with the aid of speaking to them about tune that neither they, nor anyone else, has heard of.

Each of these 4 measures is then normalized throughout the Spotify listening population. So if your listening leans in addition towards Familiarity than half of of the different listeners on Spotify, you get an F as your first letter, and if it leans in addition toward Exploration, you get an E. Likewise for the different three. The 4 letters are every calibrated individually, however the sixteen mixtures are then allowed to show up in some thing proportions take place naturally. If you’re the kind of man or woman who appears ahead to Wrapped all year, that would possibly be due to the fact you pay attention largely and prefer to exhibit off that breadth, or it ought to be due to the fact you observed your favourite artists obsessively and desire to see how a lot you contributed to their year. And if you hear to playlists and radio, you nonetheless select which playlists and radio, so you constantly have a way you listen, no remember what inputs or influences inform it.

And even though we’ve introduced this to you as Your Listening Personality, as if it’s a factor about you like your coronary heart charge or your vocal range, of route it’s solely a description of how you’ve been listening, recently, on Spotify. Your listening can change. If your Listening Personality doesn’t suit how you assume of yourself, possibly it will assist you assume about how you spend your listening time. Maybe you’d like to discover more, or less. Maybe you received out of the addiction of listening to new song besides that means to. Maybe it’s time to discover out what the youngsters are listening to, or to go lower back and play the archives your dad and mom loved, or to locate out what the artists on the Top Hits playlist surely sound like.

Or not. It’s now not a contest. You can’t lose. There’s no incorrect way to pay attention to music, and these are sixteen of the proper ways.


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