The Top 10 Spotify Tricks for Better Music Streaming

The Top 10 Spotify Tricks for Better Music Streaming

Here’s how to maximize your next music streaming experience.

1.Companion Playlisting

Playlists can already be made on mobile devices, but “aided playlisting” powered by AI makes use of machine learning to provide more individualized listening. The Spotify app analyzes the words you type into the playlist name field when you create a new playlist to provide music recommendations. The software adjusts the ideas in real time as you add music to the playlist to provide you with more individualized choices based on the songs you’ve previously added.

Companion Playlisting

2.Construct a Radio Station Around a Song

Similar to this, Spotify can make a radio playlist with only one song. Go to radio may be found by opening the song, tapping the three-dot menu adjacent to the track, then scrolling down. Based on your favorite song, Spotify will compile a stream of music.

Construct a Radio Station Around a Song

3. “Blend” Musical Preferences With Friends

Collaboration on playlists is a long-standing feature of Spotify; to allow others to add or remove music, just choose Invite collaborators from the three-dot menu in a playlist. With the introduction of Blend in 2021, Spotify took that a step further. Blend uses Spotify’s recommendation technology to present a playlist based on the musical preferences of the people involved in a Blend. From two individuals, it can now support up to 10 people in a Blend(Opens in a new window).
Search for “Blend” inside the program or go to Search > Made For You and select Create a Blend. Choose who you want to invite, and once they accept, Spotify will produce a playlist that you can post on social media. Meanwhile, if you’ve joined at least three Blends, Spotify will compile songs from them to make a Friends Mix playlist, which is a kind of meta-social playlist.

"Blend" Musical Preferences With Friends


4. Attend a group session and listen together

In the meanwhile, join a Group Session to listen to a podcast or groove out with other Spotify Premium users if you prefer a live listening session. Click the Connect button in the lower left corner of the play screen. Down the page, tap Start a group session to get a URL that you may share with your loved ones. They might also join the session by scanning the Spotify code. The music in the queue may then be selected, skipped, and paused by everyone. They can even add new songs.

Attend a group session and listen together

5. “Playlist, IMPROV!”

I’m sure your playlists are expertly crafted works of art. But everyone eventually hits a wall. The Enhance option, which intersperses comparable music across your playlist, will give your playlists a boost. A star icon will appear to indicate that new songs have been added right away when you tap the “Enhance” button at the top of a playlist (versus the download button). If you want to officially add a song to your playlist, tap the + sign next to it. Unsatisfied with the choices? To get rid of them, tap Enhanced up top. A recent Enhance added 57 tracks to one of my playlists, contrary to what Spotify had stated at the time of the app’s inception that it would only add a maximum of 30 songs.

Playlist, IMPROV

6. Sort Liked Music

Discover a song you want to listen to repeatedly? It will be added to your Liked Songs playlist if you tap the heart icon. However, if you have a sizable collection of favorites, this playlist may become cumbersome. You may focus your listening by applying a genre or mood filter to the Liked Songs playlist. When you go to Your Library > Liked Songs, you’ll notice a scrollable row of filters up top. When you select one, the music in your playlist will change to reflect that selection. To get back to the entire list, tap the “X.”

Sort Liked Music

7. Listen to Netflix and Disney+ favorites in song

Are you hoping for your music to quickly ascend the streaming charts? Maybe become friends with the show’s music supervisor. Ask Kate Bush, whose 1985 song “Running Up That Hill” witnessed an increase in streaming of 8,700% in 2022 as a result of being featured in the most recent season of the Netflix series Stranger Things. Meanwhile, Lady Gaga has seen an increase in the number of people listening to her 2011 song “Bloody Mary” after viewers of Netflix’s Wednesday created a dance mash-up on TikTok using a sped-up version of it. Wednesday actually dances to The Cramps in the show.
Spotify has hubs devoted to well-known tunes from Netflix, Disney+, and other brands because it realized that customers want to access music from their favorite shows and movies. You may find playlists for Emily in Paris, The Witcher, Marvel films, the world of Game of Thrones, and more by going to Search > TV & Movies.

Listen to Netflix and Disney+ favorites in song

8. Album Shuffle is by default turned off

For some reason, the default setting for Spotify Premium albums was initially set to shuffle play. That is, until Adele asked the streaming service to stop playing it in 2021(Opens in a new window). Spotify concurred, acknowledging that perhaps listeners wanted to cry in Adele’s original order. It tweeted, “Anything for you. When initially listening to an album, it seems sensible to do so in order, but maybe that’s just the older millennial in me talking. You must now deliberately push the shuffle button before pressing play if you wish to disregard caution and hop about.

Album Shuffle is by default turned off

9.Perform the hits

A band or musician passes through many phases throughout their career, some of which are unavoidably better than others. You may bypass all the forgettable years using the “year” search parameter on Spotify. Therefore, Spotify will only show you Madonna’s songs from the 1980s and 1990s if you search for her and include the search modifier “year:1980-1990” (without spaces).

Perform the hits

10. Download podcasts and music to listen to them offline

You may download any podcasts, albums, or playlists (but not individual songs) if you have Spotify Premium and listen to them offline. You can download playlists by selecting the three dots, then going to the playlist you wish to download and tapping the downward-pointing arrow. Go to Settings > Audio Quality > Download Using Cellular and make sure the option is off if you want to save data and only download while connected to Wi-Fi.
(Note: If you disconnect from the internet, you must reconnect at least once per month for Spotify to authenticate your account. This prevents someone from downloading a ton of music to a device, canceling their Spotify subscription, and continuing to listen to the music indefinitely.)


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