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Why Spotify Premium Free?

Spotify transformed music listening forever when it launched in 2008. Discover, manage and share over 80 million tracks, including 4.7 million podcasts, for free, or upgrade to Spotify Premium Free to access exclusive features for music including improved sound quality and an on-demand, offline, and ad-free music listening experience. Today, Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service with 456m users, including 195m subscribers, across over 180 markets.


Spotify Premium Free has no advertisements at all. In addition to enjoying uninterrupted listening, doing without the commercial breaks will reduce the amount of data used to load the ad material. This will help your devices’ batteries last longer as a result.

2.The music library

Premium Free subscribers gain early access to new music releases or premium Free content, whereas Free subscribers must wait a few weeks.


  1. Playback Management

Unlimited skips and full on-demand playback on desktop are included with Spotify Premium. However, you may “hide” those tracks you don’t want to hear and explore all of the tracklists inside the playlist.

You may conceal any number of songs from a playlist, allowing you to get the most out of a pre-made playlist. But only a few customised playlists may use this capability.

Additionally, “Made For You” playlists that are automatically created are available for Free users to listen to whatever they like. These playlists include New Music Friday, Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mixes, among others.

On the basis of genre, musicians, and time periods, some of the “Made For You” playlists are organized. If you’re a new user, you must continue listening before you see them since they evolve in response to your listening activities.


  1. Featured on Discovery

The weekly-updated playlists “Discover Weekly” and “Release Radar” are part of Spotify Premium’s music discovery services.

Spotify will automatically suggest songs that are similar to those currently in the playlist when you build a new one.

The ‘Enhance’ playlist option, available only to Premium customers, is the finest discovery feature difference. For every two songs you play, this function suggests a brand-new song for your playlist.

You may quickly turn “Enhance” off with a single tap if you’re concerned that it will be a burden.

The ‘Enhance’ option is excellent, but you’ll probably have Spotify minimized in the background when you’re listening to music. You won’t likely be engaging with Spotify’s UI every two songs, even while you are using it.


  1. Offline Listening

You can download podcasts and music using Spotify Premium Free on a desktop computer.

While traveling through isolated locations, it might be useful to download music so you can listen to them even when there is no internet connection. You won’t need to use any data to listen to the songs or podcasts because they are all locally stored on your device.

Up to five separate devices, each of which may hold up to 10,000 music and podcasts, are allowed. Just keep in mind that to maintain your downloads in your library, you must login to Spotify online at least once every 30 days.


  1. Sound quality

On both desktop applications, Spotify Premium Free subscribers have access to five levels of audio quality:

  1. Dependent on a network connection, automatic
  2. Small: 24 kbit/s
  3. Standard: 96 kbit/s
  4. Superior: 160 kbit/s
  5. Very High setting, 320 kbit/s stream.


It’s also important to know that Spotify Premium’s online player delivers 256kbit/s audio quality as opposed to 128kbit/s for Spotify Free.

Additionally, a new “HiFi” option for Spotify users will include lossless audio quality.


  1. Assisted Devices

Spotify Connect now allows Premium customers to experience seamless playback across various platforms and devices. A Premium subscription is also necessary for the Spotify official add-on smart gadget Car Thing, which connects your Spotify account to the music system in your car.

Overall, Premium members still get access to more devices. For instance, just 41 speaker models in the Wireless Speakers category are accessible to Free users, compared to nearly 100 speaker types that need a Premium account to stream music.

On Spotify’s website, you can view the full list of devices that are supported for both Free and Premium members.


  1. Social Qualities

Spotify has a ton of fantastic social features. On the friend activity stream, you can create playlists with the people you follow and see what music they’ve been listening to.

One distinction is that the function known as Group Sessions, which enables you to create live listening events with up to five people (regardless of where they are in the world), is only accessible to Premium users.

Additionally, if you have a Premium subscription, your package may contain a playlist that compiles user favorites. During road trips or get-togethers, this feature will make sure that everyone can hear their favorite song.


  1. Extraordinary Qualities

There are other features that both Spotify Free and Premium customers may take use of in addition to the key differences stated above.

For instance, there is no difference between Free and Premium users when it comes to access to Spotify Wrapped, a stats-based summary of your musical year (almost like a year-end journal). Additionally, your Wrapped won’t be impacted if you decide to discontinue Premium in the midst of the year.

However, missing out on recent music releases is a pressing problem for Free users.

To aid with this, Spotify gives artists the option to set a paywall, which restricts access to their releases to Premium subscribers for the first two weeks. In other words, Free users have a two-week waiting period before being able to access such releases.

Of course, not every artist will probably enable the barrier for their most recent works. However, if you want to have access to the most recent versions, you will need to upgrade to Premium.

You’ll probably discover that listening to Spotify Free is comparable to listening to the radio in numerous ways:

You receive a collection of chosen tunes.

What music plays next cannot be chosen.

Ads are forced onto you between songs.

But unlike radio, you’ll have some control because you can “hide” tracks from a playlist that you don’t like. The several playlists under the “Made For You” hub will also provide you a more individualized experience, which is something you cannot get from a conventional radio station.



You need Spotify Premium Free if you’re a die-hard music lover or audiophile.

After all, Premium gives you complete discretion over what you listen to without obtrusive commercials interfering with your enjoyment of the listening. Additionally, it is important to have features like enhanced audio quality, device compatibility, family mix, unlimited skips, and access to new releases.

Additionally, Spotify Premium Free is perfect for folks who frequently travel and enjoy taking their music with them. The Car Thing compatibility has to be specifically mentioned, especially if you want to improve your car’s head unit without having to buy a new one.

A great way to support your favorite musicians if you care about them is by upgrading to Premium.

We all listen to music differently and prioritize various things when it comes to how much money we spend on this pastime.

We believe that we have successfully shown Spotify Premium’s value.